Digital Marketing Manager

Are you looking for a role you enjoy showing up to every single day?

Do you enjoy using your talents to promote great products and make an impact on customers?

If you’re thinking “hmm, that sounds nice..” then we have a role here that’s just waiting for you.

Brandetize is a “people-first” environment that focuses on a positive work energy. Our core values are the principles we live by and we have a transparent community that encourages your opinions, ideas, and feedback in every situation. We build and promote only brands and clients that we are proud of and believe in.

We believe in supporting our determined and motivated staff and we place a lot of trust in the marketing managers to help run the clients’ businesses successfully and fearlessly. At Brandetize, we have a saying - “you win or you learn”.

If you’re hungry for more, and you can’t wait to take on a new challenge then you are perfect for this role where you will develop comprehensive and holistic marketing strategies for new clients in order to drive engagement, sales, and community-development.

This role is that of an account manager and strategist who has great communication skills and can help clearly turn client goals into actionable project plans. It will be important to be able to prioritize high-return ideas and interact with our internal resource teams in order to keep everything on its appropriate timeline and execute accordingly.


  • Strategic development for new ideas and campaigns with ability to implement and/or delegate
  • Help run overall business development numbers, annual projections, quarterly goals, etc
  • Ability to assess the business, identify opportunities, and promote growth
  • Understands marketing strategy and can develop big picture plans, as well as break them into actionable steps
  • Understand and improve funnel marketing, design projects, and social initiatives with A/B testing
  • Manage and understand all aspects of a successful campaign, including email, social media, paid ads, landing pages, content creation, SEO, CRO, copywriting, etc.
  • Oversee digital initiatives from concept creation to implementation
  • Review completed work for quality assurance
  • Pull reports, analyze data and communicate actionable insights
  • Track general performance of sales and conversions as needed
  • Motivate, support and work with a team of resources in each area of the company
  • Can prioritize ideas based on importance and return on investment for the company and client
  • Use tools and software for efficient results, including Google Docs, Asana, Slack and other project management and communication tools


  • High attention to detail to ensure delivery of the best possible product or outcome
  • Ability to manage and juggle many personality types calmly and with a positive energy
  • Ability to manage multiple projects on different timelines and create a sense of urgency
  • Ability to manage complex and highly visible projects
  • Strong oral and written communication skills with the proven ability to influence
  • Partner effectively with multiple stakeholders
  • Ability to thrive as an individual or a group
  • Experience interpreting data and making business recommendations
  • Leading, developing, and inspiring people
  • Managing schedules, assets, budgets, and client expectations or goals
  • Participating in all phases of the project development cycle
  • Pushing yourself to learn new trends and stay updated on digital best-practices


  • 6+ years of marketing experience in the digital marketing space
  • Staying humble and leaving your ego at the door
  • A collaborative nature and confidence in your performance
  • The ability to learn quickly and rapidly build expertise in new industry verticals
  • Experience with reporting and research analysis (including website analytics) is a must
  • An entrepreneurial spirit and desire to ‘take projects and run with them’
  • The ability to work with limited direction and still execute well
  • A true passion for achieving great results


  • A full-time salary position
  • Full benefits (including medical, dental, and vision care)
  • Unlimited “Discretionary” PTO
  • A great working space in Banker’s Hill, right next to Balboa Park
  • A team that works hard, has fun, and loves a challenge

Brandetize Core Values (CORE PPL):

  • Communication, Communication, Communication
  • Ownership Mentality
  • Respect for Yourself, Teammates and Customers
  • Elevate, Encourage & Inspire Others to Greatness
  • Positive Energy Work Environment
  • Promote products and Brands We're Proud of and Believe In
  • Learning, Growth & Improvement

Reach out and provide us with a message that explains why you’re a good fit for this position, and your resume emphasizing any relevant experience you have.

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